How to Lose Weight Fast And Safe: Follow These
4 Steps to Perfect Weight

Step 1 – Avoid Sugars and Carbs
Step 2 – Consume Proteins
Step 3 –Cardio training
Step 4 – Interval training

Hydration is essential for a healthy weight loss. Therefore, you need to drink
sufficient amounts of water. Also, it is very useful to consume a glass of water
before meals, in order to eat less and feel full longer.

Note that you need to rest your muscles in order to avoid straining. That is,
when you exercise, you need to rest at least 24 hours before you start working
again on a muscle group.

Furthermore, you should also have your 7-8 hour night sleep, and proper rest and sleep.

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A Flipagram has been shared with you!


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8th Annual Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run Honoring Firefighter Lt. Robert Neary

8th Annual Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run Honoring Firefighter Lt. Robert Neary http://www.active.com/philadelphia-pa/running/distance-running-races/8th-annual-mayfair-fallen-heroes-run-honoring-firefighter-lt-robert-neary-2016?cmp=23-127

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Blizzard of 2016

  I Love the Snow

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…Just Run!!!

My goal is to run a half Marathon that’s 13.1 Mile


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Happy holidays


Happy holidays from my family to yours

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